Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Can you ignore Thailand's biggest shopping festival?

Even though the curfew has been lifted in Thailand and the destination is now as safe as ever to visit, travellers are still wary. But will they be able to bypass the 'Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2014' touted to be the biggest ever so far? 

A record 15,000 establishments in seven of Thailand’s cities are participating in this sale which will be held between 15 June and 15 August, 2014. In fact. the Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a special website to promote the annual shopping event, which will be held in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hat Yai, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Samui.

Participants include department stores, shopping centres, hotels, spa and beauty, golf courses, entertainment centres and restaurants.

The website also features shopping tips to help visitors get better deals, understand the VAT refund process and avoid buying sub-standard products. A special section has also been created to promote the locally-made products that goes towards supporting local artisans.

There are two activities during the 'Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2014':
Up to 80% discounts at department stores, shopping centres, spas, hotels, etc

Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Shopping Challenge; On June 18, 2014, celebrities from various fields from Asian countries will have a shopping competition in participating complexes and centres. A total of 15 teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar,Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea are competing this year. The winner team will receive a cash prize of 100,000 Baht.  

This year’s event has also been enhanced by two lucky draw prizes of Travel 365 days in Thailand for two couples (one from abroad, one local) to enjoy a trip within Thailand. 

So.... do you want to be part of Thailand's tourism recovery?

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