Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Want an underwater wedding? Go to Thailand!

Head into the deep by heading into the deep!

Thailand has always been a popular wedding destination. It is now promoting underwater weddings off its emerald isles. Underwater weddings are possible year-round in Thailand and packages are now available for the ritual that is becoming more and more popular among the adventurous looking to tie the knot. 

The packages on offer specifically for the Official Underwater Wedding Ceremony held annually on Valentine’s Day in Trang are end-to-end solutions. 

For the official underwater wedding ceremony the couples are brought to Trang on a Nok Air flight which is welcomed with flowers and cultural performances sponsored by the local TAT Office. The couple is then treated to refreshments in a beautiful botanical garden in Trang where they are to make the first symbolic commitment to each other – a tree-planting ceremony as a symbol of the birth of a new bond. Couples may return a few years later to check on or collect the sapling that they planted on the day prior to their wedding. 

A traditional Thai style wedding follows this little gesture.

Next up, the hosts go all out to make the bride and groom feel like celebrities for an evening. A one kilometer-long parade comprising young flower girls and boys, cultural artists and floats takes the to-be-weds through the town where nearly all the residents gather to wish them good luck on their journey. 

Sailesh Kochraekar, who married his girlfriend Pooja Raut, says, “It really made us feel special. We felt famous for a day.” The parade then led to an arena where a local feast was served up while musicians entertained the to-be-weds. Theirs was the first underwater wedding for an Indian couple in Trang.

The this-is-it moment comes the next morning. Wet suits and themed T-shirts as well as thoughtfully-made bride and groom head-pieces that are aimed at making photo-ops more interesting are handed out. 

The underwater ceremony actually has the marriage officiated by a government-approved authority who signs the marriage certificate underwater. The traditional Thai wedding ceremony is repeated underwater where water used for blessing is replaced by colourful stones – once again so that the ritual is clearly identifiable in the wedding photos. 

The reception is actually a beach party! I think i might just get married!

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