Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Australia beckons all Epicureans!

Australia is leaving none of the senses untouched. Appealing to all gourmandizers out there who will do anything for a plate of good food, Tourism Australia has launched a campaign that promotes food and wine experiences from around the country.

Dining with the tides, Orpheus Island, Queensland
Called ‘Restaurant Australia,’ the new $10 million campaign showcases Australia as the world’s greatest restaurant.  

Their research shows that, and foodies will agree with me, food and wine is a key factor in holiday decision-making and an important emotive trigger for influencing people’s destination choice.

Picnicking in the Barossa Valley with fresh local produce, South Australia
If you're planning to visit Australia anytime soon and want to get involved with this delicious campaign, click the 'Restaurant Australia' website.

Select the region you will be visiting and find out which are the top local restaurants and wineries you can indulge at!

Happy masticating!

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