Monday, September 16, 2013

Kolkata chronicles

So as i was saying, one will see immense changes in this city. To start with of course, there's the new terminal at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. Old-timers to the city will recall how shabby the old arrival terminal was. 
The new terminal at Dum Dum Airport
It looked swanky from where i saw it. But reports are that it is experiencing infrastructure-related problems including leakages and waste management. Read an Indian Express report on the same here.

The city is also experiencing a huge cultural shift in the way people behave. And by that, i mean spend. One Friday evening, my cousins and i decided to go out for dinner to the city's most popular restaurant - Bar-B-Q - across the street from Flurry's! 

I swear, this place is like the Times Square of Kolkata. You are bound to meet one of your long-lost siblings here on any given evening. 

An Apple store on Park Street
But what i saw was that South Kolkata had over time conceived hundreds of restaurants, eateries, cafes and lounges. And not just Bar-B-Q, but most joints in the area were buzzing. 

This consumer-oriented culture is relatively new to a city that was dominated by communism. The malls are populated, and what's more - there are so many more malls. 

On my way back to the airport to take the Indigo flight to Mumbai (which by the way was again late by 30-odd minutes!), my cousin decided to take me via Bypass and Rajarhat. I was amazed! 

This is a new and developing area with IT companies, residential towers, malls, and Spencer's. I kid you not but it could pass off for Gurgaon or even our own Navi Mumbai! 

Having said that, i also tried to capture the Kolkata that i remember - with the old-world charm in a long-forgotten era. Read all about that in my next one. 

Meanwhile, for those whose curiosity i have piqued and are now planning to visit the city, here are some interesting sites to check out: Lonely Planet's guide and great deals from MakeMyTrip.   

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