Friday, September 27, 2013

Blast from the past

Vignettes from my past are more in the nature of red and green rather than black and white. On my recent to Kolkata, i tried to capture the city as i remembered it when i was a child and spent many a happy holidays there.

This is a rare sight in the posh neighbourhood of South Kolkata. But Elgin Road still throws up a few surprises. This was taken one evening when I was returning from Bar-B-Q.

The ubiquitous and the adored Ambi taxis. I am amazed at the amount of leg room (yeah i know, I'm short but i can still appreciate the space!) this car has every time i sit in it, which is not too often. And most taxis on Kolkata roads were in pretty good condition. A welcome improvement: metered taxis!

I can't remember the last time i took the bus. Probably 2-3 years ago when i was last there. But it takes courage to do it. 

One of the many long-forgotten nooks on the way to Maniktalla. Don't you just love the metal carving on the railing and the burnt red brick arches. What's amazing about these buildings is that they are approximately 100 years old but they are still standing. Some of them are in fact in really good condition. 

Bengalis out shopping for Durga poojo in Hathibagan. Even though Durga poojo is in October, they start shopping for it from August end! 

And who can forget these lovelies! The dear old trams! They are a driver's nightmare but they're so cheap and pretty. It's like taking care of an ancestor in their old age. 

Another beautiful, beautiful relic on Hathibagan road. My aunt tells me that this was used in the making of the movie 'Parineeta'.  

And my favourite. The place where i was born. But commerce has started to take its toll. North Kolkata is truly a historian's paradise!

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