Thursday, June 4, 2015

Enjoying coffee Melbourne style

No, this isn't a post about enjoying coffee in Melbourne but about bringing to life Melbourne’s coffee culture in India. 

Melbourne is known as the coffee capital of Australia and the cafes are made to inspire, invigorate and elevate your coffee drinking experience. They help you appreciate the beverage in an endeavour to enhance your experience while sipping a cup. Coffee culture is popular here with home to more than 2000 cafés - and some of the world's best baristas.

Tourism Victoria has been promoting the region actively in India and keeping in line with this initiative, it delivered an immersive experience of diving in to one’s freshly-brewed coffee. 

The afternoon featured an amalgamation of aromatic coffee and creative intriguing art. It was all about the beautiful and interactive coffee and art performance put together by the multiple world latte art champion St. Ali Barista – Ben Morrow and renowned visual artist Harun Robert

Over the past couple of years, the coffee culture has rampantly taken over Melbournians. We can safely say the same for Indians as well.
Ben Morrow
For the discerning coffee drinkers, they still favour a cup of espresso and its variations. Some cafés even offer a tantalizing array of alternatives, including syphons, filters and French-pressed coffee.  Every day, on average, the Port of Melbourne handles 30 tonnes of coffee beans!

Tourism Victoria personified the average consumer’s love for coffee by showcasing some vivacious art and culture through two acclaimed coffee artists. Creativity took a leap and the performance saw master latte artist Ben Morrow create beauty with cups of latte known as latte art bearing signature elements of Melbourne such as the city skyline.
Ben with Indian artist Harun Robert
Harun Robert on the other hand took control of the coffee canvas and in synch with Ben, designed one masterpiece after another nuanced with hints of Melbourne city and its penguins from Philip Island and City Circle Tram with the Flinders Street station at the backdrop. It was spectacular! 

This was followed by a coffee appreciation session by Ben Morrow with beans from the eminent coffee chain St. Ali. The session not only engrossed the audiences through the mesmerising aroma but also gave them an authentic feel of Melbourne’s finest coffee experience. Ben is an innovator in the field of latte art and has been at it for half a decade. 

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