Sunday, May 4, 2014

Guest post: Singapore’s Kent Ridge Park inspires runners

Singapore is my run-away paradise. When Bombay becomes unbearable (which it always does) I board the cheapest flight (less than 20K to and fro) to Singapore and shack up with friends. An expensive proposition overall, but truly worth it! 

I discovered Kent Ridge Park quite by fluke way back in 2008. Since then, I have been mesmerised by this historical place. Having been a runner all my life, this park is my idea of an ideal place to run. 

Officially opened in 1954, Kent Ridge Park is part of the Word War-II Pasir Panjang Historic District. Running up the park is akin to ascending the Lonavala ghats. After a strenuous climb, the park welcomes you to a sprawling landscape - a blend of canopies, lawns, hilltops and a pond. 

The park is also popular with nature lovers as it houses one of the best botanical parks I have seen.

To the left is a curvy path leading to a lovely pond, adorned with unique flowers such as Tembusu, Angsana, White Leaf Fig, Common Pulai and Singapore Rhododendron among others that will leave you stunned. I have always been tempted to take a swim here but I'm sure that attracts a heavy fine.

Just as you achieve your running rhythm and feeling good getting thus far, you are outrun by every single Singaporean who is running there. You then try desperately to increase your speed in order to catch up them. But you realise that it's a mistake and all you end up doing is gasping for breath. Not a very pretty sight!  

As you cover the pond path, you enter a luscious patch of grassland where one can just sit and soak in the sheer beauty of mother nature. This doubles up as a really good picnic spot with trees giving you the perfect shade and benches where you can lie down and dream. In the mornings, this place is used for stretching before workouts, yoga, Tai Chi and other forms of exercises.

This grassland track then leads to a 280 meter canopy. This is a stunning place and you stop to take in the panoramic 360-degree view of Singapore that it offer: the city, the harbor, the clear blue sky. 

Kent Ridge Park leaves you feeling very warm inside and keeps inviting you to over and over again. A far cry from Jogger's Park!

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This post was contributed by my friend Anjali Talreja, who is my go-to for anything regarding Bandra. She is a consultant in the financial domain and can also be spotted moonlighting as a financial wizard in academic circles. You can contact her for your PR needs or just to wish her a happy birthday on May 5 at talreja.anjali@gmail.comSee another post by her on Decathlon.    

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