Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Want to celebrate? Go to Goa!

The Goa Carnaval concluded for this year, the state is now gearing up for some more festivals that is up its sleeve. 

The tourism board of Goa is keen on promoting the state as a place for celebrations - and not just a destination for beaches.
Goa's Shigmo festival
This is why it is promoting and packaging festivals. So if you have missed the carnaval, you can still look forward to the Cashew & Coconut Festival in May, Shigmo (Goa's answer to Holi), Sao Jao, Bonderam and Tirpurari Purnima.

These festivals have some quaint traditions associated with them and one can see the heritage and cultural lineage of the state shine through. 

See Goa's event calender here to plan your next holiday. It has something going on throughout the year.

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