Thursday, March 27, 2014

New UltraProlink adaptor, charger works in 150 countries

If you're a traveler who likes to move around with a lot of gadgets, then this one's specially for you.

UltraProlink's new World Travel adaptor and charger can power up smart gadgets in 150 countries! Marketed by RCA, this adaptor and charger comes with dual USB and a price tag of Rs 1,499. 

Apart from regular plug points, it has two 2.1 USB ports that can be used to charge tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles and other smart gadgets.

This means no battery-less phones or laptops and no irritating wires and bulky adapters while travelling. All you need to carry along are a couple of USB wires that will work for most gadgets.

This palm-sized product also has traditional plug points, just in case. Also, the pins can be folded back so what you pack looks like a cube-sized adapter.

Techvorm has more details on this.

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itee said...

This is such a cool thing. Loved it. Need one!