Friday, December 20, 2013

SIkkim to host winter carnival this December

Sikkim is the latest region to add carnivals to promote tourism. It is gearing up to host the first winter carnival this December.

So if you still haven't booked your Christmas holiday, this is a good option. The carnival will be celebrated from December 22-24. 

The first winter carnival will promote its ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture, cuisine and organic products. 

Sikkim is also great for adventure sports and witnesses a lot of international tourists from Japan, Europe and England.

It has reportedly spent close to Rs 1 crore to organise this winter carnival. Let's see if it proves to be worth it and not turn out to be another Commonwealth Games.  

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Bhavesh Bangdiwala said...

Love the thumbnail photograph !
I wish I could see a full blown version of it.

Also, sounds like a great event to attend. But a little too late. Dec 22 to 24. You should have blogged about this maybe a month /fortnight ago.