Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dark chocolate sets the mood

Not that the mood is dark!

Yappy Noo Ya folks! And with the new year, I post something that I've never posted before. A review of my stash of dark chocolates I got as gifts.

I start with Green & Black's Organic dark chocolates. It is a UK-based chocolate company, owned by one of two companies formerly known as Kraft Foods. The company produces a range of chocolate bars, ice cream, biscuits and hot chocolate. 

Interestingly, its products are organic and therefore priced at a premium. 
The box i got. Yummy!
 The box included two rows of five different flavours of chocolates: Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Black Currants, Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa Solids, Dark Chocolate with Ginger, and Dark Chocolate with 85% Cocoa Solids.

This was my favourite. For obvious reasons. Two actually: dark chocolate and hazelnuts! 

You can see the black currant and hazelnuts jostling for space. The mini bar had enough ingredients inside to keep you pleasantly occupied for a good...umm...5 minutes?


The classic dark chocolates, both 70% and 85%, were perfect. They were reminiscent of the lovely Dove dark chocolates that i was fortunate to have some months ago.


The ginger one was a surprise. It actually had tiny bits of sweetened ginger bits, which was nice but a bit too sweet for dark chocolate. 

There was a sweet note at the back of the box. Very thoughtful. It said:

Hopefully, my next box will have the cherry bar. The company has an amazing range of chocolates - milk chocolate with Anglesey sea salts (whoa!), dark chocolate with six spices including chillies (oh my god!), and so much more. 

For more chocolate porn, see Green & Black's website.   

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