Monday, October 7, 2013

Siri Fort? Yes siree!

I was stationed at GK1 when i was visiting Delhi recently. So i did the routine trips to the malls and restaurants, including The Big Chill which requires special mention. Restaurant review coming up in my next post!

So anyway, I wasn't expecting to see anything new that was going to blow my mind. What came next was like a breath of fresh air. Literally. 

I don't know how many visitors to Delhi have been to Siri Fort. I'm guessing not many, since I have not heard anyone talk about it. I was SO impressed with this place. And to think that I almost didn't go there. 
The sports complex is on the right
It was the morning of the day i was to take my flight back. And my cousin and I decided to take a quick look. Most people will direct newbies to the Siri Fort Auditorium but you got to ask for Siri Fort Sports Complex. 

The place is beautiful. You will drive through a long, straight access road flanked by heavy wrinkled trees that have stood there for decades on either side. 

The complex was built for the 1982 Asian Games, next to the Asian Games village by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), which also runs the facility. It has a swimming pool (although not indoors), lawn tennis courts (grass and mud), running track, badminton courts, golf course, and many other facilities.

Non-members can enter the premises by paying Rs 90. Permanent membership seems to be closed for now but they do open temporary ones for 3-4 months at a time at the end of every month. And the fee is pretty nominal, I've been told. 

If you wish to contact the sports complex or visit the place, click here for directions. It's a great place to visit, especially in the mornings. I highly recommend it!

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