Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inviting contributors to write on travel

If you have something interesting to say about your travels and don't know where to put it up, this is for you.

I am inviting travelers to share their stories, anecdotes, tips and even jokes on this blog. If it's absorbing, informative or funny, I want it!   

So write to me at if and when you wish to contribute. This will be completely pro bono but I can pay you back in good wishes. If you want to discuss a story, we can do that too.

It will be posted under 'Contributor' with your name (and a photo if you are okay) and any backlinks you might want. It might be subject to some editing if there is a need for it. Some photographs to go with your travel story would be nice. 

A short and sweet post is preferable. But if you want a longer one, it can be put up in parts.

Write now! If you wait till you feel like writing, you'd never write at all.   


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