Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great deals for Oktoberfest in Munich

Although the chances of even finding decent accommodation and flight tickets by this time are low, one can still come across some nice deals to attend Oktoberfest. Here are a few nice deals that I found.

Flight tickets
Oman Air is offering special fares from India to Munich specially for Oktoberfest. These are on specific flights (via Muscat) on specific dates which will allow you to enjoy the beer festival for 6 days/7 nights. It's great for people who love beer but can't get enough leave. 

Flight: WY 202 
Date: 23 Sep
Departure from Mumbai: 07:20
Arrival in Muscat: 08:25

Flight: WY 121 
Date: 23 Sep
Departure from Muscat: 14:15
Arrival into Munich: 19:05 

Flight: WY 124 
Date: 29 Sep
Departure from Munich: 14:35
Arrival into Muscat: 22:55

Flight: WY 201 
Date: 30 Sep 
Departure from Muscat: 01:15
Arrival into Mumbai: 05:30 

all-inclusive fare for this is: 

Booking Class 
U: Rs 39,521
Booking Class L: Rs 41,591
Booking Class N: Rs 43,690

Booking.com has some great deals for hotels near Oktoberfest tents. Four-star hotel Tryp M√ľnchen City Center is offering rates from Rs 5,937 per night. 

HostelWorld.com is a great place to find great hostels. Oktoberfest-Beds is offering a 3-day package for Rs 16,000 and includes a whole of things including free beer!

For more Oktoberfest packages, look at this site called... what else... OktoberfestPackages.com.         

Tour packages
The Backpacker Co is offering a great deal on Oktoberfest. Their 7-day tour includes Berlin and Prague along with Munch and can be yours at Rs 58,000. This does not include airfare and visas.

Alternately, you can book directly without going through any tour operator through Viator.com. They have 2 really nice packages: Munich Oktoberfest Tickets & Tour and the Munich Segway Tour During Oktoberfest  

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