Thursday, August 22, 2013

A canine travelogue

We are the epitome of unconditional love and are loyal till the end. There are not too many things that we need to be happy; three square meals and a cuddle is all we ask for. 

But once in a while we do need a break from this frugal lifestyle and let out some steam. All we ask is to let us travel now and then and explore the world around us. 
We are born explorers and enjoy taking a bit of fresh air and seeing the countryside.    

Maybe even take the car for a spin once in a while.

Even long distance travel suits us just fine and jet lags mean nothing to us. We are quite adaptable that way.

We like to spend some quality time with our loved ones and what better way to rekindle the romance than by taking long walks and watch the sun go down together.

We love to do trick photography whenever we get a chance. Luckily, we are quite good at it.

Keeping in touch while travelling is important to us. So we like to be connected even while we are away. After all, our Facebook page will not update itself.

Some of us who still haven't found our special someone like to meet exotic foreigners from unknown lands. That way we are very adventurous.

We also love our travel gear and never miss a chance to show it off. Our holiday photographs need to look perfect!

A day at the beach for us may be bad for our fur and mean extra cleaning hours for you. But it relaxes us. And watching the sun set in the far horizon means a perfect ending to a day well-spent. It really is a dog's life. 

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jahid said...

Wow! so cute pictures :)