Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Epiphanic experiences

Every experience arouses some sort of epiphany. This seems to be one of the strongest premises for travel as well and explains why more and more people are looking for an ‘experience’ when they travel. Because anything less doesn’t seem to be worth their time, money and effort – and often in that order.

More and more travellers are choosing their destination and activities based on the kind of experience it will provide them. For what is travel if devoid of any meaningful experience? This phenomenon should, in turn, spur operators to embark on their own little journey. ‘What can I offer my client – discerning as they are – that will tempt them to stay with me?’ Fortunately for them, every destination has innumerable products that check all the boxes; they only need to be explored.

There is good news for operators in India. Travel search site Skyscanner revealed that in 2015 Indian travellers were the most experimental in the APAC region based on the traffic on its website, when it came to choosing destinations. The trend continues in 2016 with Indians seeking adventures off the beaten track. It also said that this year, searches to destinations such as Bhutan, Russia (possibly due to the weakening ruble) and the Middle East (not Dubai or Abu Dhabi but Iran and Jordan) went up by 75 per cent. 
So what is this ‘experiential’ travel that is furiously trending among travel cliques? It is an intersection of places and ideas, which is where the most fascinating aspects of life unfold. It leads to experiences that often give travelers some level of happiness, satisfaction and even spiritual fulfillment – even if it’s short-lived. 

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