Monday, July 6, 2015

Easy tips on getting a US visa

That was just a ruse to get you here! Truth is, there are no real tips for you to circumvent the US Consulate visa application procedure. But there is another truth that you should know about getting a US visa. It’s become easier.

Not only has the Consulate relaxed the process for short-term visas but it has also been working on changing the mindsets of tourists (and travel agents) that it isn’t really an impossible task. And the Consulate is going through a lot of trouble to achieve this.

It has broken the entire process down to three steps:

1> Start your application 
          a. Fill out your form
          b. Create your user account

2> Pay your visa fee
          a. Via mobile phone
          b. Via Electronic Fund Transfer
          c. In cash at Axis or Citibank branches

3> Schedule 2 separate appointments online:
          a. One for a visa interview at the US Embassy or Consulate
          b. Another for biometric at one of the Visa Application Centres before the interview appointment

It’s not just coming from the US Consulate but a lot of friends and acquaintances applying for a US visa are getting it, and getting it easily for a minimum of 10 years or more with multiple entries.

Che, who is the Consular Officer at the Consulate, told us that as long as all the required documents are there and there is no hint of funny business, the Consulate will grant you the visa.

There is one tip I can share with you after all. If you are sponsoring your trip yourself with everything else in order, your chances of getting a visa improve dramatically.

For any short-term travel – whether it is for a holiday, visiting friends or family, or even going for your child’s graduation, or a business trip – it is the B1 or B2 visa category that you need to apply for.

The Consulate staff in Mumbai can speak a minimum of 4 languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. But it can sometimes also handle other regional languages.

For visa-related questions, email to
For more information on US visas, click here.
Call centre numbers: (91-120) 484-4644; (91-40) 4625-8222
(Timing: 8am to 8pm on Monday through Friday; 9am to 6pm on Sunday)

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