Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All you would want is Ecuador...

... once you experience it!

This remote South American country that only mature travellers ever think of visiting is looking to India to promote itself. And to showcase all the things it has to offer, especially the exotic Ecuadorian chocolates, the Institute for the Promotion of Trade & Investment of Ecuador had hosted a fun event at Shiro in Mumbai.

It basically brought Ecuador to life by recreating the feel of Ecuador. Héctor Cueva Jácome, Consul General representing Ecuador in Mumbai, said, “Ecuador is an undiscovered gem for Indian travellers which is why we have looked forward to presenting this experience of our country. Ecuador as a destination has a lot to offer for the various genres of travellers and companies.”

Among the many products that Ecuador exports are its exceptional coffee, chocolate and roses. The focus that evening was therefore also on Ecuadorian chocolates with the launch of a brand of luxe bonbons made from Ecuadorian chocolate along with chocolatier Chef Varun Inamdar. 

The Ecuador tourism board site gives very good information on the destination. And while I haven't visited the country YET, my friend Kaushal aka Exotic Gringo has and he has some wonderful things to say about Ecuador! 

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