Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do you 'hate' Thailand too?

To stand out of the crowd, a lot of international tourism boards are promoting themselves innovatively. The latest to resort to an interesting tactic is Thailand with its latest marketing video titled ‘I Hate Thailand’. 

It has been produced based on a research that an ‘unbranding’ advertisement would tend to receive more interest than a conventional branding commercial. The intention of this video is solely to depict the renowned Thai hospitality, demonstrating that Thais are ready to be a good host and offer a helping hand to tourists who need help.

The ‘I Hate Thailand’ video is a romantic-comedy short film about a tourist named ‘James’ who visits Thailand for a week but loses his bag along with his valuables. The script then sees James get rescued by a local girl and later recovers his possessions through the help of other villagers. The film concludes with James saying that he was wrong when he said he hated Thailand when he did not know the country well enough. He ends up staying back in Thailand for two years!

Watch the video here.

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