Monday, October 20, 2014

Gandhi-inspired attractions in Jo'berg

South African Tourism has made 13 attractions accessible to tourists. These Gandhi-inspired tourist attractions identifies a number of places that were seminal in Gandhi’s life in South Africa. Identifying these places enables people from all over the world to come and walk in his footsteps, and experience the places where Gandhi made history in South Africa.

The guide will be informative to both South African and international visitors and will resonate particularly with those who wish to learn more about Gandhi's South African experience. The guide not only tells its own compelling story, but can also be integrated into a wider visitor experience by highlighting places where Gandhi created history – Constitution Hill and Johannesburg's Old Fort Prison, a jail where Gandhi and Madiba were held and many more.

Gandhi spent the formative years of his life in South Africa, having come to this country in 1893 as a 24-year-old, and leaving 21 years later in 1914. Central to his immense contribution to human rights was his Satyagraha movement of passive resistance, whose enduring impact continues to shape global history today and whose principles he developed whilst living in South Africa.

The Gandhi-inspired tourist attractions website is now live.

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