Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Uncover Dublin’s dark side with Bram Stoker Festival

Gothic ghouls, marauding vampires and dancing zombies are just some of the creatures that will prowl the streets of Dublin during the Bram Stoker Festival in October (24–27), when the city takes a look at its darker side.

Inspired by the Dublin-born horror novelist and his creation – Count Dracula – the annual festival returns this year with the aim of awakening the city’s gothic heart.

This great festival will encompass indoor and outdoor events, from large-scale spectacles to intimate performances in unusual spaces, a whole range of film and literary presentations, concerts, cookery and even something for children to get their teeth into.

The focus of this year’s festival is to take the events out into the public domain with street spectacles and ‘happen-upon’ events. Expanding on the vampire themes that Dracula and Bram Stoker inspire, the festival this year focuses on the Goth and the Gothic, with film documentaries, concerts, and premieres exploring the 1980s’ Goth music era.

Those who love a good scare will enjoy being grabbed by ghouls and spooked by spectres as they walk through Dublin’s streets.

There will also be an opportunity to get involved in an unusual dance-off between Zombies and Goths, when choreographer Megan Kennedy gathers hundreds of volunteers to take part in a thrilling walk through the city.

The first event to be revealed from the 2014 festival literary strand is the world famous Literary Death Match. The event will see four authors pitch their words and wits in literary battle and comedic irreverence in front of a panel of three ’expert’ judges.

Junior vampire fans are invited to Dracula’s Basement Spooky Sounds Laboratory and to the Minnie & the Illywackers Family Halloween Concert featuring Dracula inspired songs, sounds and gothic pumpkins.

A Gothic Masquerade Ball, Blood Food cookery classes and trips into the Underworld of Dublin City make up more of the festival’s macabre menu of events.

The Bram Stoker Festival is the perfect run-up to Halloween, cloaking Dublin’s streets, churches, castles, libraries, galleries, cinemas and squares in a highly enjoyable programme of gothic and Dracula-inspired events.

It is also a ‘super’natural kicker for the wide-ranging and super cool Dublin Festival Season, Ireland.


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