Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guest post: Bienvenue à Paris!

Words are never enough to describe the beauty of Paris and I found myself speechless when attempting to do so. A photographic recital seemed apt then. 

My recent rendezvous with the city after a gap of few years led me down its cobbled streets with this story to tell...
Attention to detail on the door of Notre Dame
Balance and poise
Ridges and roofs
Side profile please
So thats what the Eiffel tower looks like from here
The Church on the hill
The horseman on the Sacre Coeur
The Louvre by night
The Sacre Coeur
The streets i used to roam
To the left of the Notre Dame
Ze Chocolate Notre Dame
Ze Tower


The contributor of this guest post continues to insist on remaining anonymous despite repeated appeals to do otherwise. 'He' is an avid hockey and football player and a budding photographer. He is currently in the midst of getting his quaint little bungalow in Bandra restored to good health. If you are a lover of heritage and want to send financial assistance to the writer, you can buy his beautiful photographs by messaging me. Read other posts by him here.

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