Monday, November 18, 2013

Tourism Ministry creates 'Walking Tours' for tourists

Our tourism department is working its way slowly towards doing away with paper brochures. It recently joined hands with a mapping company start-up to create walking tours for tourists.

This product will be available on the website Wonobo.Com  which will have details regarding route map, famous eateries, monuments and parks of 12 major cities - including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi.   

This, it hopes, will make it easy for tourists to walk or drive through the most-visited cities in India by providing tourism-related information at one place.

The site will soon cover 54 cities in the country and will be linked to the Incredible India website. It will be available on mobile phone as well.

Wonobo actually beat Google to launch street view maps for India. It also kind of has a catchy name; names with fewer syllables are easier to remember.

The site is predictably heavy and may need to sort some cosmetic issues. Tech blogger Srinivas Kulkarni has written a detailed review of this site and is quite interesting to read. You can do that here

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